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Yi Liu, Shen Hu, Jeff Brumbaugh, Jeremy Barrett, Martha Arellano, Xiaojun Liu, Jennifer Arellano

Our Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journals
1. Martha Arellano, Roger Li , Xiaojun Liu, Yongmin Xie, Xinmin Yan, Joseph Loo, Shen Hu. Identification of tetranectin as a potential biomarker for metastatic oral cancer. Int J Mol Sci. 2010, 11(9): 3106-21.

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Book Chapters

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Our group is studying head/neck cancer, pancreatic cancer and Sjogren's syndrome using proteomics, with a focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms of diseases and developing diagnostic/therapeutic applications. Using mass spectrometry and protein microarray technology, we have discovered target proteins involved in malignant transformation and tumor metastasis of head/neck and pancreatic cancers. We are interested in immunoproteasome in Sjogren's syndrome as well as single cell proteomics and related applications in stem cell and developmental biology.

Project 1: Oral precancer and cancer proteomics

Project 2: Immunoproteasome in Sjogren's syndrome

Project 3: Development of a tracer-based metabolomics methodology for studying pancreatic cancer

Project 4: Single cell analysis and cancer stem cell biology


Genomics and Proteomics (OB208)

Introduction to fundamentals and technical aspects of genomics and proteomics, including qPCR, DNA sequencing, protein synthesis, siRNA, microRNA, DNA microarray, protein microarray, mass spectrometry, 2-D gel electrophoresis.


Also involved in teaching Oral Biology Seminar (OB260), Advanced Oral Biology/Pathobiology (OB201C), Proseminar: Oral Biology Research (OB212)